Railway signalling and safeworking


Accident Reports, 1856

Saxby and Farmer

Automatic Signalling between Marylebone and Wembley LNER 1923

Route-lever signalling, Winchester, GWR 1923

Resignalling of Victoria and Exchange Stations, Manchester, 1929

Brighton Line Signalling, 1933              Brighton plan       Three Bridges & Haywards Heath plan 

LNER Regulations for Train Signalling on Double Lines by the Absolute Block System, 1950

Requirements for Passenger Lines and Recommendations for Goods Lines of the Minister of Transport in regard to Railway Construction and Operation, 1928         Clearances

Report to the lords of the committee of privy council för trade and foreign plantations of the proceedings of the department relating to railways, for the year 1858

Tramways and light railways (street and road) and trackless trolley undertakings. Ministry of transport, 1931.


Electric interlockings with power frames



CF du Nord, signal box instructions for Paris Area, ca 1890


Signalordnung für die Eisenbahnen Deutschlands vom 5. Juli 1892. Mit Abänderungen nach der Bakanntmachung vom 23. Mai 1898 Signal aspects and indications

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